Pentagon admits their Humvee replacement sucks!

❝ According to the Pentagon’s in-house watchdog, the replacement for the U.S. military’s Humvee is in serious trouble.

The new Joint Tactical Light Vehicle (JLTV) is “not operationally suitable” because of deficiencies in “reliability, maintainability, training, manuals, crew situational awareness, and safety,” a new report says. The vehicle is so bug-ridden that it requires contractors in the field to fix problems, and is so large and loud that it’s easily detectable on the battlefield…

❝ …All four vehicle types are encountering mechanical problems during field trials including, “engine wiring problems, flat and damaged tires…A “health monitoring system” designed to bring problems to the attention of maintainers is not accurate and “reduces crew and maintainer confidence in the system.” One last mechanical problem: The doors on some vehicles didn’t work.

❝ The vehicles are faulted for having a “large visual and loud aural signature, increasing detectability…troops riding inside have poor visibility and that the TOW anti-tank missile launcher, capable of destroying tanks to ranges of up to 2.48 miles, is slow and difficult to reload…the vehicles are so large fewer of them can fit on the military’s Maritime Prepositioned Force ships, cargo ships that carry floating arsenals of Army and Marine Corps equipment, ready to link up with ground troops and quickly enter battle.

RTFA for ever more silliness. How many years has our military spent designing their own vehicles – which suck? Do they ever learn how to make doors work the first time?

One thought on “Pentagon admits their Humvee replacement sucks!

  1. Joe says:

    “In the mid-1980s, when the U.S. military adopted the HMMWV and phased out the M-151 jeep, the last of the 1/4 ton jeeps, a capability gap was created for light capacity tactical vehicles. The M-Gator, along with the Polaris and other ATVs, emerged as one of the solutions, providing a small, mobile and capable utility vehicle in the spirit of the M-274 Mechanical Mule. [see links and photos]
    In 1997, the U.S. Army adopted a militarized version of the John Deere Gator known as the M-Gator. The M-Gator is now also in use with the U.S. Marine Corps. Following the upgrades of the original Gator, it is known in its current version as the M-Gator A1, and features upgrades such as rollover protection. It is the 6×4 variant, and uses the three-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine found in other Gator vehicles, and is also capable of using JP-8 fuel. The vehicle is capable of being air-dropped. The Gator has been used in Iraq and Afghanistan for supply deliveries and casualty evacuation, as it is more nimble off-road than an HMMWV.”
    1941 Bantam model BRC-40 ‘Jeep’. 80 in. wheelbase, 40 horsepower Continental engine, total weight 2,050 lbs.

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