MSCI to Quadruple Weight of Mainland China Stocks in their Indexes

❝ Index provider MSCI Inc. said it would quadruple the contribution of mainland Chinese companies’ to its benchmarks, a move that makes shares in Shanghai SHCOMP, +1.80% and Shenzhen 399106, +1.20% all but unignorable for many international investors…

The decision is likely to pull tens of billions of dollars into China. The world’s second-largest economy is also set to enter a world bond index in April and a rival global stock index in June.

❝ Trump and his Chump Army will crap their USA/USA-drawers when they comprehend this is the barest beginning of a couple of decades of qualitative growth. Not just measured in plain dollars and cents. In influence, leadership, on a global economic scale.

ADD: Bloomberg has even a better, more detailed note on this.

2 thoughts on “MSCI to Quadruple Weight of Mainland China Stocks in their Indexes

  1. Gǔpái says:

    China’s central government on Tuesday said it would lower its growth target for gross domestic product, the latest sign that the world’s second-biggest economy is in the grips of a major slowdown.
    In a rare acknowledgment of weakness from the Chinese state, Premier Li Keqiang said the trade war with the United States, which has seen the two countries swap tit-for-tat tariffs on a combined $360 billion worth of goods, was having a material negative impact on the economy.
    “What we faced was profound change in our external environment,” Li said at the opening of China’s National People’s Congress, as reported by several news outlets.

  2. Hey, Rube! says:

    The Commerce Department said Wednesday that — despite more than two years of President Trump’s “America First” policies — the United States last year posted a $891.2 billion merchandise trade deficit, the largest in the nation’s 243-year history.
    The trade gap with China also hit a record $419 billion, underscoring the stakes for the president’s bid to reach a deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping as soon as this month.
    A broader measure of the nation’s trade performance, which includes the services sector, showed a $621 billion deficit. That reflected a deterioration of more than $100 billion from the figure Trump inherited from president Barack Obama.

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