One thought on “I’m the Victim

  1. Tucker Sucker says:

    March 14: “Tucker Carlson says he’s the victim of a powerful bully. Meet the 24-year-old who found the tapes.” See also “What listening to hundreds of hours of Tucker Carlson will teach you : Media Matters researcher Madeline Peltz on what the Bubba tapes taught her about Fox News’s embattled primetime host.” (March 20)
    March 13: “Tucker Carlson pulls plug on plans for Fox News studio in Bryant Pond” : Controversial television host says publicity killed his plans to open studio near his vacation home in western Maine after the local newspaper exposed them. [updated 3/14/19]
    March 13: “The Tucker Carlson drama, explained : Another major advertiser cut ties with Tucker after offensive tapes emerged — but Fox News is standing behind him.”
    March 17: “The uproar this past week over numerous recently-uncovered insensitive comments Carlson made on a radio show overshadowed news that could have been even worse for him: A massive leak of internal chat logs from Identity Evropa, one of the leading white supremacist groups in America, showed that many members were huge fans of Carlson and the ideas he espoused every night to millions of viewers.”

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