Idaho Power Company is walking away from coal

North Valmy, Nevada plant half-owned by Idaho PowerIdaho Power Company

❝ Idaho Power Co. is making some serious strides toward eliminating coal from its energy sources.

The company has interests in three coal-fired plants. On March 8, Idaho Power announced a finalized agreement to end its participation in a coal-fired plant in Valmy, Nev. — its second-largest source of coal-fired electricity — by 2025. The company’s coal-fired plant in Oregon is already scheduled to cease coal operations in 2020. And Idaho Power is exploring exiting participation in its third and largest coal-fired plant, in Wyoming.

“We’re on a path away from coal,” Idaho Power spokesman Jordan Rodriguez said.

❝ Despite a growing demand for electricity over time, the company has managed to substantially decrease its reliance on coal as an energy source. Ten years ago, coal-fired electricity made up 38.2 percent of the total energy Idaho Power required for its customers. Last year, coal sources made up only 17.5 percent of its energy portfolio.

RTFA and see how they’re doing this. No magic. Just basic science, economics and good sense.

One thought on “Idaho Power Company is walking away from coal

  1. Mike says:

    (March 22, 2019): New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has signed into law a sweeping bill to transition the state away from coal to renewable energy. “The new law sets a standard to produce 50 percent of the state’s energy through renewable sources in the next ten years and 80 percent within the next 20 years. Beyond the push for more renewable energy, the law also allows the Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) to issue bonds at lower interest rates to pay off debts associated with a coal powered plant in the northwest corner of the state. It also establishes a $20 million fund to help workers and communities that will be affected by the shutdown of the San Juan Generating Station.”
    “When Paying $1 for Coal Power Plant Is Still Paying Too Much : It’s ‘questionable why anyone would buy energy’ from San Juan” (Bloomberg 312/19)

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