Trump’s Pick to Head Interior Dept Already Recused Himself 26 Times for Oil Industry Lobbying

EVERYONE showed up to protest this creep!Sarah Silbiger/NY Times

❝ After years of effort, scientists at the Fish and Wildlife Service had a moment of celebration as they wrapped up a comprehensive analysis of the threat that three widely used pesticides present to hundreds of endangered species, like the kit fox and the seaside sparrow…

Their analysis found that two of the pesticides, malathion and chlorpyrifos, were so toxic that they “jeopardize the continued existence” of more than 1,200 endangered birds, fish and other animals and plants, a conclusion that could lead to tighter restrictions on use of the chemicals.

❝ But just before the team planned to make its findings public in November 2017, something unexpected happened: Top political appointees of the Interior Department, which oversees the Fish and Wildlife Service, blocked the release and set in motion a new process intended to apply a much narrower standard to determine the risks from the pesticides.

Leading that intervention was David Bernhardt, then the deputy secretary of the interior and a former lobbyist and oil-industry lawyer. In October 2017, he abruptly summoned staff members to the first of a rapid series of meetings in which the Fish and Wildlife Service was directed to take the new approach, one that pesticide makers and users had lobbied intensively to promote.

Now, this creep is the Fake President’s nominee to head the Dept. of Interior. He’s already been the fox in the henhouse. Now, Trump wants to put him in charge of killing off everything outside the henhouse – including endangered foxes.

One thought on “Trump’s Pick to Head Interior Dept Already Recused Himself 26 Times for Oil Industry Lobbying

  1. P/S says:

    In April of this year, the United States Department of the Interior’s Office of Inspector General opened an investigation into allegations that six top political appointees at the agency had engaged in violations of federal ethics rules. One of the officials caught up in the cloud of scandal is Doug Domenech, an assistant secretary at the department and a close friend and lieutenant of Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt.
    Domenech’s official resume shows that he was employed at the Texas Public Policy Foundation from March of 2015 until he joined the Trump administration in January of 2017. He earned more than $140,000 from the group in the fiscal year that ended in December of 2016. Publicly available tax forms show that the TPPF has received millions of dollars in support from foundations tied to the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch. It is also an affiliate of the right-wing State Policy Network. The group, which opposes many federal environmental regulations, has filed multiple lawsuits against the DOI in recent years.
    According to newly released records, Domenech arranged and attended two meetings between the TPPF and DOI in April of 2017 to discuss a pair of lawsuits his former employer had filed against the Department of the Interior.

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