Motel 6 was turning over guest info to ICE – no warrants, nothing!

…and give all your info to the Feds

❝ Motel 6 will pay $12 million to settle a lawsuit by the Washington state attorney general over the lodging chain’s practice of handing over guest lists to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. The company also committed to no longer provide guest information without a warrant, a policy that will be adopted nationally, prosecutors said.

❝ Motel 6 locations in Washington state provided personal information about their guests to ICE “on a daily basis without requiring a warrant,” according to a statement from the Washington attorney general’s office. In total, the motel chain shared information for about 80,000 guests without their knowledge or consent…

…A Motel 6 spokesperson said, “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

2 thoughts on “Motel 6 was turning over guest info to ICE – no warrants, nothing!

    • Palsy-walsy says:

      Billionaire Trump Backer Stephen Schwarzman Owns Motel Chain Collaborating with ICE (Jan 4, 2018)
      “…Motel 6 is owned by Blackstone Group, the biggest private equity firm in the world. Blackstone acquired Motel 6 and its parent company, G6 Hospitality, in 2012 for $1.9 billion. Blackstone has been hands-on when it comes to its motel chain investment, pouring hundreds of millions into upgrades.
      Blackstone’s CEO is Stephen Schwarzman, one of the most powerful figures on Wall Street, who is worth $12.7 billion. Aside from throwing outrageously lavish birthday parties for himself, Schwarzman has also been a central ally – and enabler – of Donald Trump.
      In addition to shelling out $250,000 for Trump’s Inauguration, Schwarzman has also served as an advisor to Trump and chaired his Strategic and Policy Forum. The President disbanded the CEO Council after members began to resign, due to public pressure, because Trump expressed sympathy for the white supremacists who rallied in Charlottesville. Schwarzman has traveled with Trump on Air Force One and stayed with him at Mar-a-Lago.
      Schwarzman also hosted a $100,000-a-plate fundraiser for Trump at his Park Avenue home on December 1, 2017, to celebrate the Senate’s approval of the GOP tax bill. The billionaires who stand to benefit most from the tax plan – like Schwarzman – raised $3 million for Trump at the banquet, where Trump and Schwarzman sat side by side.”

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