World’s largest plane 1st take-off!

❝ On Saturday morning, April 13th, exactly 45 minutes after the sun began to rise over the Mojave Desert, the largest airplane ever created—and its record-breaking 385-foot wingspan—took off for the very first time. The aircraft, from the company Stratolaunch, has been eight years in the making. By 2022, the company hopes to use the twin-fuselage, six-engined, catamaran-style aircraft to launch satellite-bearing rockets into space…

<blockquote❝ "All of you have been very patient and very tolerant over the years waiting for us to get this big bird off the ground, and we finally did it," Stratolaunch CEO Jean Floyd told reporters on a press call. The company reported the airplane hit speeds of 189mph and heights of 17,000 feet during its 150-minute test flight, before landing safely at the Mojave Air and Space Port.

"The systems on the airplane ran like a watch,” test pilot Evan Thomas told reporters.

Thank the dreams of the late Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. Founder – also – of Stratolaunch.

3 thoughts on “World’s largest plane 1st take-off!

  1. Howard says:

    “The world’s largest airplane may be grounded after a single flight” (Ars Technica 5/31/19) “The aerospace company founded by Paul Allen, Stratolaunch, is closing operations according to a report by Reuters that cited anonymous sources. The company will cease its efforts to challenge traditional aerospace companies in a new “space race,” four people familiar with the matter told the wire service.
    In response to a query from Ars about potentially ending operations, a spokeswoman for the Seattle-based company replied, “We don’t have any news or announcements to share at this time. Stratolaunch remains operational.”
    Questions about the future of Stratolaunch arose almost immediately after Allen, a co-founder of Microsoft, died in October, 2018, at the age of 65. According to Reuters, the decision to set an exit strategy was made late last year by Allen’s sister, Jody Allen. In January, Stratolaunch abandoned efforts to build a series of rockets to be launched from its large carrier plane—an ominous sign.”
    Reuters: “Exclusive: Space firm founded by billionaire Paul Allen closing operations – sources”

  2. Tom Corbett says:

    (October 11, 2019): Stratolaunch air-launch venture says it’s been transferred to new owners by Paul Allen’s Vulcan “…In the absence of other information, several factors suggest that Northrop Grumman may play a key role in the Stratolaunch transition. The company already has Scaled Composites as a subsidiary. It has long experience in air-launch systems by virtue of its acquisition of Orbital Sciences Corp. And according to Spaceflight Now, Northrop Grumman recently reacquired the Pegasus XL rockets it was assembling for Stratolaunch’s use.” See

  3. Update says:

    Stratolaunch Systems ‘ROC’ second test flight. (includes videos)
    It flew for the first time in April 2019, shortly after Stratolaunch Systems founder Paul Allen’s death. After its first flight and left without a founder, Stratolaunch stopped operations and sold the company. The Roc was originally meant to carry and launch spacecraft and their satellite payloads from mid-flight, giving rockets a boost on their way to orbit, but the company’s new owners turned to developing a hypersonic rocket known as the Talon-A.

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