Attorney General Barr lies for Trump; but, he really sucks at it

❝ There was never any doubt that Attorney General William Barr would be more loyal to Donald Trump than to the American people. Trump would not have chosen him for the job if he were not…

His boss isn’t a man who values truthfulness. And, frankly, Trump isn’t even a politician who lies particularly well. So a “skillful liar” was never implied in the job description for attorney general. A “stupid liar” was.

❝ Barr began entangling himself in a web of lies in March when he released his four-page summary of Robert Mueller’s report to Congress. He cherry-picked phrases from the 448-page document in an attempt to vindicate the president, even using Trump’s favorite line in concluding that there was “no collusion.”

Barr must have known, or at least he should have known, that he could not get away with such a shallow and dishonest interpretation of the special counsel’s two-year investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election…

Perhaps that never mattered to him at all. Maybe he knew that if he were to be called before Congress to explain his lies, Republicans would have his back just as fiercely as they have Trump’s…

What Barr and his Republican cohorts never expected, though, is that Mueller would call him out on his lies.

RTFA. Moves forward from this reality to further indictment of the criminals in charge of the administration of our government.

One thought on “Attorney General Barr lies for Trump; but, he really sucks at it

  1. John 8:32 says:

    “Former FBI Director James Comey pushed back against Attorney General William Barr’s attacks on the FBI’s Russia investigation, arguing on Wednesday that the Justice Department’s efforts to dismiss charges against Trump’s first national security adviser Michael Flynn were “deeply concerning.”
    “I have no idea what on Earth he is talking about,” Comey said when asked to respond Barr’s comments that the FBI’s Russia investigation was “abhorrent.”
    “This was an investigation, it was appropriately predicated and opened that had to be opened and it was in the main conducted in the right way, picked up by the special counsel, lead to the indictment of dozens of people, and a finding by your colleagues in the Senate that the head of Trump’s campaign was a grave counterintelligence threat to the United States of America because he was funneling in information to a known Russian intelligence officer,” Comey added. “The notion that the attorney general believes that was an illegitimate endeavor to investigate that mystifies me.”
    Barr has been a public critic of the investigation that began in July 2016 while Comey was FBI director, and he’s tapped US Attorney John Durham to conduct an investigation into the FBI’s probe. The Justice Department under Barr sought to dismiss the Flynn charges secured by former special counsel Robert Mueller, but the judge in the case is still weighing whether to grant the request. (“Flynn lawyer says she asked Trump not to pardon his former national security adviser” 9/29/20)

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