Pharma Billionaire found guilty in opioid trial

Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe

John Kapoor of Insys Therapeutics has been found guilty of defrauding insurance companies to sell Subsys — a fentanyl spray much stronger than morphine. According to The Guardian, the 75-year-old billionaire’s company was also found guilty of bribing doctors to prescribe the drug to their patients.

The Boston jury also discovered that Insys Therapeutics paid these doctors to prescribe the powerful painkiller to patients who didn’t even need it.

❝ In the midst of an unprecedented opioid epidemic — where addiction, suicide, and dependence rates are through the roof and an estimated 400,000 lives have been lost over the last two decades — the first criminal conviction of a pharmaceutical chief sets a welcome precedent to curb this reckless corruption.


One thought on “Pharma Billionaire found guilty in opioid trial

  1. Kingfish says:

    “Lap-dances, kick-backs, and debt: Infamous opioid maker files for bankruptcy : With filing, $195 million payout from racketeering drug maker is in limbo.” (6/11/19)
    Last month, a federal jury in Boston convicted Insys founder John Kapoor and four former executives on racketeering conspiracy in connection with Subsys marketing. They are all scheduled to be sentenced in September.
    With the legal cases mounting against opioid makers in the wake of an epidemic of addictions and overdoses, Insys is not the only drug maker that has considered bankruptcy. Notorious OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma also reportedly explored the option.

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