One thought on “Heavy Metal G.O.T.

  1. Spoiler says:

    “The race is on to make the next ‘Game of Thrones’” (Wapo) …“There is an arms race going on for event television,” said a veteran TV executive who has spent years at a premium platform, using the term for the expensive and location-heavy show with big-canvas plotlines. “There could be multiple winners. Or there could be no winners at all.”
    Netflix has “The Witcher,” based on a supernatural-monster literary franchise; Showtime has “Halo,” based on one of the most popular video-games series of all time. Amazon seeks to bring viewers back to the Shire with “Lord of the Rings”; Apple is hoping to finally give life to Isaac Asimov’s sweeping “Foundation.” And HBO is going back to the well, developing a “Game of Thrones” prequel starring Naomi Watts.
    …“Thrones’” has turned in to the dragon that lays the golden eggs — it has averaged some 18 million viewers per episode this season, more than 50 percent above even the much-watched “The Sopranos” finale. HBO Now subscribers spiked by 91 percent during the seventh season.
    That success has changed how executives think, increasing the acceptable risks and price tags for a new genre series. (Budgets for a “Thrones” episode can now come in at more than $10 million, several times that of most high-end series.)

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