One Republican blocked disaster aid for states and territories like Puerto Rico

❝ A vote to pass a $19 billion disaster aid package stalled in the House, after Republican Congressman Chip Roy of Texas objected Friday morning. House leadership was trying to pass the bill by unanimous consent. The Senate passed the same measure Thursday with a vote of 85 to 8.

The bill, which would include much-needed assistance to states struck by floods, storms and fire, and aid for Puerto Rico, which suffered substantial damage in 2017 from Hurricane Maria, the most powerful storm to hit Puerto Rico in almost 90 year, will now be held up until early June, when lawmakers return to Washington…

He offered a few reasons why he shut down the vote. IMHO, the only one that counts in the dim political world he inhabits is “insufficient funding” to be used against migrants crossing the border into America.

❝ The failure to pass the bill comes as most members have already left Washington for Memorial Day weekend and the president was about to depart for his overseas trip to Japan.

Our fake president even said he’d sign the bill if it didn’t contain the extra dollar$ requested by Republicans to halt undocumentados from entering the United States.

2 thoughts on “One Republican blocked disaster aid for states and territories like Puerto Rico

  1. Wile E. says:

    Charles Lister @Charles_Lister May 9 6:57 AM – May 9, 2019:
    NEW – @WSJ confirms the @CIA & @DeptofDefense have a new “secret” missile – the R9X, or “flying Ginsu” – which kills a selected target with 6 blades, but no explosive payload.
    — “To the targeted person, it’s as if a speeding anvil fell from the sky.”

  2. p/s says:

    Another House Republican on Tuesday thwarted attempts to pass a bipartisan disaster aid package, further delaying $19 billion in emergency relief and frustrating lawmakers whose states were hit by devastating hurricanes, wildfires and flooding. The objection by some House conservatives is now the sole hurdle to clearing the $19 billion package, which had been stalled for nearly six months until an 11th hour deal in the Senate last Thursday.
    House Democrats will have another chance to clear the disaster aid package on Thursday, when the chamber returns for another pro forma session. Democrats will also once again try to pass an extension of the National Floor Insurance Program, which will expire Friday. But Republicans have made clear they will continue to throw up roadblocks.

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