2 thoughts on “Republican “Transparency”

  1. Commander in Cheat says:

    “Trump’s Golfing Habit Costing U.S. Taxpayers $102 Million – And Counting” (5/26/19)
    (5/29/19): “Trump’s golf cart rental expenses set to surpass $500,000” https://qz.com/1629811/trumps-golf-cart-rental-expenses-set-to-surpass-500000/
    Trump Golf Count https://trumpgolfcount.com/
    Complete data table for a list of Trump’s outings: https://trumpgolfcount.com/displayoutings
    Breakdown of total costs: https://trumpgolfcount.com/#costModal
    Government Accountability Office report detailing costs incurred by the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security for trips Trump had made to Mar-a-Lago in early 2017: https://www.gao.gov/assets/700/696512.pdf

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