Trump’s flunkies demand 20 years in prison for humanitarian aid

❝ A United States federal court is weighing in on the case of volunteer Scott Warren, who is on trial and facing 20 years in prison on “smuggling” charges for aiding a pair of undocumented migrants in Arizona.

A member of the humanitarian group, No More Deaths, Warren was taken to trial Tuesday on three felony charges: two for allegedly harboring an immigrant couple and one for conspiring to transport them.

❝ The thirty-six-year-old man was arrested on Jan. 17, 2018 after Border Patrol agents set up surveillance around one of the organization’s humanitarian aid shelters in Ajo, Arizona.

❝ “It is life or death here. And a decision not to give somebody food or water could lead to that person dying,” Dr. Scott Warren said, adding that he has shared food, water, and shelter to dozens of people braving the deadly desert outside his home…

“It is scary to be intimidated like this and to be targeted but there really is no choice,” said Warren, who believes that the state may be expanding their definition of “harbor.”

State governments and the Feds are no strangers to arbitrarily changing definitions to suit the politics of the moment. With a thug in the White House who campaigned on illegal migrants being subhuman and criminal in the eyes of his supporters – anyone who offers life-preserving aid to folks in Southwestern deserts must be equally criminal.

This is what our government and the contemptible snobs who adore our fake president would have us be.

7 thoughts on “Trump’s flunkies demand 20 years in prison for humanitarian aid

  1. Mictecacihual says:

    The Pima County Medical Examiner has documented 250 migrant deaths in the stretch of desert near Ajo since 2001. In the same time frame, thousands have died of dehydration and exposure in the Arizona borderlands.
    “The term ‘UBC’ refers to foreign nationals who die attempting to cross the southern Arizona desert without permission from the United States government. Calendar year (CY) 2010 saw the highest number of UBC recoveries (222) recorded at the PCOME as compared to the annual average (167recoveries per year on average from 2002 -2017). The PCOME has received 2,816recovered remains of suspected UBCs since 2000.The recoveries per year are adjusted annually to account for the association of remains found months or years apart later discovered to be that of the same individual.” Pima County Office Of The Medical Examiner – Annual Report 2017 [Undocumented Border Crosser (UBC) remains page 30~38

  2. Update says:

    (June 11, 2019): The jury in the humanitarian aid vs immigrant harboring trial of No More Deaths activist Scott Warren was unable to reach a verdict.
    The jury deliberated nearly 12 hours over two days before telling the judge they weren’t able to agree on a verdict. The judge instructed the jury to try to reach a unanimous verdict one more time before dismissing them Monday afternoon.
    The U.S. government charged Warren with harboring two undocumented immigrants and conspiring with another man in the cases. He faced up to 20 years in prison.
    Lawyers for Warren and the Justice Department will meet July 2 to determine what’s next.
    Scott Warren flanked by his attorneys.

  3. Olvidados says:

    Two infants, a toddler and a 20-year-old woman were found dead by border patrol agents in a brushy area near the Rio Grande River in Texas on Sunday evening and an investigation into their deaths is underway Reportedly the area is known locally as El Rincón del Diablo, or the Devil’s Corner, is a large swath of land oft-used by smugglers due to its proximity to Mexico. According to a local TV station “investigators believe they may have succumbed to dehydration.” (see comments)

  4. Ariadne's thread says:

    “El Paso bishop condemns U.S., Mexico immigration policy as he escorts family across bridge” (Dallas Morning News)
    The family was initially stopped in the middle of the bridge [between the U.S. and Mexico], as tempers flared between reporters and border officers who were momentarily unclear about whether to allow journalists to cross into U.S. territory as temperatures topped 100 degrees. The family was finally taken into custody by U.S. officials. Seeking asylum is a right guaranteed by international law. [see ]
    “We’re here at the mercy of the American people,” said Joseph Palma from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. “It’s an honor to be accompanied by the bishop. We come here carrying only the little hope we have.”
    The Palmas said they were in Juarez for more than two weeks and had survived two kidnapping attempts, sleepless nights and hunger.
    “We don’t want to be here,” Tania Palma said before crossing into the U.S. “We appreciate the help from some kind people, but we made the sacrifice to leave our homeland so that our children can have a better life, a better future.”
    Anywhere from 100 to 200 migrants are returned to Juarez daily. More than 15,000 Central American asylum applicants have been forced to wait in Mexico while their cases are processed in the U.S.

  5. Vecino says:

    Federal prosecutors said Tuesday they will seek to retry a humanitarian aid worker they say illegally harbored two undocumented migrants from Central America in southern Arizona. This is the government’s second attempt after the case last month ended in a mistrial.
    Prosecutors dropped a conspiracy charge against Scott Warren, the Arizona State University educator and aid worker with the humanitarian activist group No More Deaths. But they’re going to try him on the two felony harboring charges. Prosecutors offered Warren a plea deal down to misdemeanor. The new trial will begin Nov. 12. Warren would not say whether he would take the offered plea deal.
    See also “Border Patrol Denies Allegations Of Retaliation Against Humanitarian Group” (Jan 2018)

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