Give Trump a chance? We now know the result of that foolishness…

❝ “Give President-elect Trump a chance,” pleads the New York Times’s Nicholas Kristof. The country will survive, he says. Democrats shouldn’t copy Republicans’ die-hard opposition to everything President Obama did from the start. We can’t be sure of Donald Trump’s stances anyway, the argument goes, and in the areas where he’s most dangerous, aides can override him. Kristof isn’t alone: There is a chorus of voices saying that those in the streets already protesting a Trump presidency have acted too soon. Trump has won, they say, and therefore has earned a reprieve.

❝ No, he has not.

❝ Politicians govern as they campaign. We know this; research has proved it time and again. Barack Obama promised health-care reform, and he did it. George W. Bush promised tax cuts, and he did it. Bill Clinton said he would reform welfare and cut the deficit, and he did it. Nor did their personalities change when they were elected. When you’ve just navigated your way to the most powerful chair in the world, would you change anything about yourself?

This was the lead into a piece published in the Washington POST November 11, 2016 by opinions editor, James Downie…

2 thoughts on “Give Trump a chance? We now know the result of that foolishness…

  1. Uh-oh says:

    President Trump on Monday called on Americans to boycott AT&T to force the media giant to overhaul CNN, a news organization that has faced near-constant criticism from the White House. The latest and unprecedented jab came as Trump flew to London for an official state visit and was forced to watch the channel because it is ‘the primary source of news available from the U.S.” (FOX News)
    “In case you needed a reminder, this is a very weird thing for a president to be doing. U.S. presidents generally refrain from openly calling for American businesses to lose customers. But this is far from the first time that the president has openly rooted for an American company to struggle, especially CNN. President Trump very openly tried to intervene to block the AT&T-Time Warner merger for political reasons. And whatever you think of the merger, it’s undoubtedly an abuse of power for the president to interfere with a business because he doesn’t like the journalism that they produce.”
    Capt. Queeg Loses It:

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