The Gobshite American President

Liam McBurney/PA

❝ Making his opening remarks at a joint press conference at Shannon Airport on Wednesday, Donald Trump, who had just flown across the Irish Sea on Air Force One, brought up Brexit and said, “I just left some very good people that are very much involved with Brexit, as you know.” Varadkar, a staunch pro-European, gave a mute nod. Since taking office, almost two years ago, he has spent an inordinate amount of time dealing with the potential fallout of Brexit for Ireland, including the tortuous question of what will become of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, which has been largely dismantled since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 secured a fragile peace on the Emerald Isle. If the border issue doesn’t get resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, it could lead to the unwinding of the agreement, which would be a tragedy for Ireland.

❝ …Oblivious as ever, Trump went on, “I think it will all work out very well, and also for you with your wall, your border. I mean, we have a border situation in the United States, and you have one over here. But I hear it’s going to work out very well here.”

❝ According to Miriam Lord, a sketch writer for the Irish Times, there was “a quiet gasp” from the Irish contingent in the room when Trump said “your wall, your border.” Throughout Ireland, the dismantling of the concertina wire and military fortifications that used to disfigure parts of the line of demarcation between the twenty-six counties of the Republic and the six of Northern Ireland is seen as a massively welcome development. These days, countless people from both countries cross the border unimpeded to work, shop, or visit friends and family. Varadkar, his face a mask, didn’t react immediately. Then he reached out his right hand toward Trump and interjected politely, “The main thing we want to avoid, of course, is a border or a wall between both sides.”

I cannot describe our Buffoon-in-chief, the Fake President, as anything other than an ignoranus. Yes, he’s joined by the millions of Americans who rely solely on the proto-fascist propaganda machine calling itself “Fox News”. Even a modicum of those benighted fools are aware enough of Ireland’s history to avoid blather so utterly stupid.

It’s truly difficult waiting around for the wheels of justice to grind through the cast iron fossils guarding the White House against summary justice. I look forward to being able to send this political criminal a gift certificate for a delectable “hamburder” from the Danbury Federal Penitentiary commissary.

One thought on “The Gobshite American President

  1. Cic Maith Sa Tóin Atá De Dlíth Air says:

    Donald Jr. and Eric Trump pay bill after walking out on ‘round’s on us’ tab at Irish pub (NY Daily News 6/8/19) “The old “we’re good for it” line has been a staple of Trump family business practices dating back to Donald Trump’s days stiffing contractors at his Atlantic City resorts or claiming he couldn’t pay back Deutsche Bank loans because the financial giant “caused” the economic crisis of 2009. Trump’s reelection campaign still owes an outstanding $500,000 bill from the city of El Paso, Texas after a recent #MAGA rally.”
    “We are, two wild and crazy guys!”.

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