Modified Drone captures rare view of Mount Everest

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❝ Ever since a British officer in 1903 captured what is believed to be the first image of Mount Everest, photographers have been striving to take iconic pictures of the world’s highest mountain. Everest’s enormity makes it nearly impossible to make a single photograph that highlights both its scale and position within the Himalayan landscape.

❝ This year, Renan Ozturk, a 39-year-old professional mountaineer and filmmaker on assignment for National Geographic, set out to make just such a photograph. His plan was to use a specially modified drone to create a 360-degree panorama that would portray Everest in its full grandeur but also reveal its commanding position in one of the planet’s most colossal landscapes.

RTFA. Enjoy the beauty of this image.

One thought on “Modified Drone captures rare view of Mount Everest

  1. Karma says:

    “Declassified satellite images show how Himalayan glaciers have shrunk : And the rate of ice loss is increasing.”
    “As another recent study showed, the fact that these glaciers are melting faster than snowfall can rebuild them has real major implications for water supplies. For now, accelerating melt means more water in the river. But this will change, and the supply of meltwater will begin declining when the glaciers shrink and the balance of the ice account becomes too small for us to live off the interest.”
    “Acceleration of ice loss across the Himalayas over the past 40 years”

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