Supply-side heroics

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 7:44 AM – Jun 15, 2019: “The Trump Economy is setting records, and has a long way up to go….However, if anyone but me takes over in 2020 (I know the competition very well), there will be a Market Crash the likes of which has not been seen before! KEEP AMERICA GREAT”

Just another supply-side creep who hopes the inevitable crash from mediocre economics happens after he lies his way into a second term. [In case you don’t recall Ronald Reagan’s White House career]

2 thoughts on “Supply-side heroics

  1. ¡Ay, caramba! says:

    “Trump Delivers a ‘Bizarro World’ Re-Election Speech” By Jeff Greenfield, June 18, 2019
    “… The President’s strongest case for re-election is the current state of the economy. And he stayed resolutely on message for perhaps a minute and a half, until he returned to a theme he far prefers—his 2016 election victory, which he called “a defining moment in American history”—and then pointed to the rear of the hall where the media were stationed, and said: “Ask them—right there! By the way, that’s a lot of fake news right there.”
    And we were off.
    “CNN sucks!” the crowd chanted, as the President took any Americans willing to watch another Trump rally through the familiar themes of the Mueller Report, the Witch Hunt, “no collusion-no obstruction,” Hillary Clinton’s emails, the $40 million, the 2,800 subpoenas, Obama’s failure to stop the Russian interference with the election, and the Democrats who “want to destroy you and they want to destroy this country as we know it.”
    (re: ‘Bizarro World’ see )

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