Best medical care in the world

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Some of the hundreds of people in dire need of medical care wait in a parking lot for 12 hours in below-freezing temperatures for a chance to be seen at a temporary free clinic in rural Tennessee in February. Tickets were handed out first come, first served.

Yup. Best medical care in the world – if you can afford it!

Oh, BTW, the link to the article only works if you have a subscription to the Washington Post.

2 thoughts on “Best medical care in the world

  1. Pathology says:

    Health care executive compensation in 2018
    Total 2018 compensation for 178 executives: actual realized stock gains $2,586,479,720 [two billion five hundred eighty-six million four hundred seventy-nine thousand seven hundred twenty dollars]. Estimated fair value of stock $1,859,975,757 [one billion eight hundred fifty-nine million nine hundred seventy-five thousand seven hundred fifty-seven dollars]

  2. Invisible hand says:

    “Rural Hospital Closure Complicates Cancer Care” (NPR) Nationwide, more than 100 rural hospitals have closed since 2010. In each case, a unique but familiar loss occurs.
    Residents, of course, lose health care services as wards are shut and doctors and nurses begin to move away.
    But the ripple effect can be equally devastating. The economic vitality of a community takes a blow without the hospital’s high-paying jobs and it becomes more difficult for other industries to attract workers who want to live in a town with a hospital. Whatever remains is at risk of withering without the support of the stabilizing institution.

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