French to build two roll-on/roll-off cargo ships…Sail-Powered


❝ France-based Neoline has selected a shipyard to construct to construct its first two sail-powered roll-on/roll-off cargo ships to operate between France and United States as soon as 2021…

❝ Neoline was established in 2015 with the intention of the becoming the world’s first shipowner specializing in modern sailing cargo ships. The company has partnered with French automaker Renault to develop the ships, which will be 136-meter long and equipped with 4,200 square meters of sail area.

The ships will initially operate on a pilot route joining Saint-Nazaire, France with the U.S. East Coast and Saint-Pierre & Miquelon off the coast of Newfoundland.

Oh, would I ever love to ship out aboard something like this. A truly modern adventure.

3 thoughts on “French to build two roll-on/roll-off cargo ships…Sail-Powered

  1. One hand for the ship says:

    “Rounding the Horn in huge seas” [ ], a 7¾ minute excerpt from “The Peking Battles Cape Horn” [ 37:14], filmed in 1929 by Irving Johnson [ ] during a 93-day voyage from Germany to Chile around Cape Horn in the Peking, a 345-foot, four-masted barque launched in 1911 that was one of the last generation of cargo-carrying iron-hulled sailing ships used in the nitrate and wheat trade between those countries.
    “This is just the north Sea”… “The rails are just going under water 3 or 4 feet”. The voice over narration of the movie was done by Captain Johnson in 1980, 50 years after he filmed the voyage with a handheld 16mm camera, possibly a Cine-Kodak Model B or BB

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