Arkansas ban on veggie-burger adverts is baloney!

Impossible Foods

❝ Tofurky is searing mad over Arkansas’ new food-labeling law that prevents makers of meatless meat products from using words such as “burger,” “sausage,” “roast,” “jerky,” and “meat” in their labeling.

Instead, veggie burgers and sausages will have to be served up with unappetizing descriptors like “savory plant-based protein.”

❝ The law is Act 501, with the lengthy title “To Require Truth in Labeling of Agricultural Products that Are Edible by Humans,” which passed the Arkansas State Legislature back in March. It essentially states that only animal-based products can be called “meat” or be labeled with the names of common meat products. Foods can only bear meat-related terms if the product is “derived from harvested livestock, poultry, or cervids [deer family members],” according to the law.

This is, of course, a straight-up matter of politicians on the take from corporate meat-packers, producers of traditional meat products afraid of competition. No surprise anywhere in the realm of American politicians fulfilling their job description of pimps for hire.

Mississippi frat rats pose with their guns before a bullet-riddled civil rights memorial

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❝ First off, if you haven’t learned about – or are old enough that you should remember and don’t – here’s a link to the tale of Emmett Till. Tortured and murdered by racists in Mississippi in 1955.

❝ Second, here’s an article in ProPublica – the first place I saw mention, today, of an incident involving Ole Miss students posing with their guns in front of a bullet-riddled roadside memorial pointing out the site where Till’s body was discovered in 1955. Not a helluva lot changes in Mississippi, I guess.

This won’t get as much coverage in mainstream media as, say, our fake president’s just-as-evil twin being elected Prime Minister of the barely-United Kingdom of England, his obedient followers.

Tech insurgents sock it to Boris…

❝ ‘Your new prime minister is a LIAR,’ was projected on the Queen of England’s London home -Buckingham Palace on the same morning Boris Johnson visited her and was officially appointed the Prime Minister of the U.K.

The image and a short video which also played on the palace walls were created by a group called, ‘Led by Donkeys’.

Thanks, CGTN

Trump’s raid to “deport millions” turned up 18 family members

Remember our fake president’s imminent deportation of millions?

❝ The real list had about 2,100 families on it.


❝ The final tally from the operation, according to federal officials: 18 family members were arrested, not enough to fill a school bus. Immigration officials arrested another 17 undocumented immigrants they encountered in their searches, what are known as collateral arrests.

❝ Acting ICE Director Matthew T. Albence called the criminal operation successful and said the family operation, Operation Border Resolve, will continue, although the number of arrests were lower than in the past…Officials would not say where the arrests were made during the recent operation or when the operation took place, and immigration arrests are not public record.

Same old, same old. Trump’s ignorance is matched by his impulse to lie and inflate anything he’s blathering about to galactic size. Trump voters are getting what they deserve. A global laughingstock.