Mississippi frat rats pose with their guns before a bullet-riddled civil rights memorial

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❝ First off, if you haven’t learned about – or are old enough that you should remember and don’t – here’s a link to the tale of Emmett Till. Tortured and murdered by racists in Mississippi in 1955.

❝ Second, here’s an article in ProPublica – the first place I saw mention, today, of an incident involving Ole Miss students posing with their guns in front of a bullet-riddled roadside memorial pointing out the site where Till’s body was discovered in 1955. Not a helluva lot changes in Mississippi, I guess.

This won’t get as much coverage in mainstream media as, say, our fake president’s just-as-evil twin being elected Prime Minister of the barely-United Kingdom of England, etc.by his obedient followers.

5 thoughts on “Mississippi frat rats pose with their guns before a bullet-riddled civil rights memorial

  1. Mike says:

    (July 25, 2019): “The University of Mississippi says it asked the FBI in March to investigate a photograph of three male students posing with guns beside a historic marker to lynching victim Emmett Till. Ole Miss spokesman Rod Guajardo says the students have been suspended by fraternity Kappa Alpha Order. The FBI declined to investigate, Guajardo says, but a U.S. attorney tells the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting that federal prosecutors are examining the case.”
    (2017): “Woman Linked to 1955 Emmett Till Murder Tells Historian Her Claims Were False” https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/27/us/emmett-till-lynching-carolyn-bryant-donham.html
    See also “Exploring the phenomenon of iconic photos: Emmett Till” https://thehungerinourownbackyard.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/iconic-photos-emmett-till/

  2. Psalm 37:13 says:

    “A Hundred Years After Her Lynching, Mary Turner’s Memorial Remains a Battleground : The Ways We Remember, Forget, and Erase the History of This Tragedy Is an Inescapable Part of Its Story” https://www.zocalopublicsquare.org/2018/05/15/hundred-years-lynching-mary-turners-memorial-remains-battleground/ideas/essay/

    Mary Turner (c. 1885~19 May 1918) was a young, married black woman and mother of two who was lynched by a white mob in Lowndes County, Georgia, for having protested the lynching death of her husband Hazel “Hayes” Turner the day before in Brooks County.

    “…According to investigator Walter F. White of the NAACP, Mary Turner was tied and hung upside down by the ankles, her clothes soaked with gasoline, and burned from her body. Her belly was slit open with a knife like those used “in splitting hogs.” Her “unborn babe” fell to the ground and gave “two feeble cries.” Its head was crushed by a member of the mob with his heel, and the crowd shot hundreds of bullets into Turner’s body. Mary Turner was cut down and buried with her child near the tree, with a whiskey bottle marking the grave. The Atlanta Constitution published an article with the subheadline: “Fury of the People Is Unrestrained.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_1918_lynchings#Hayes_and_Mary_Turner

    • p/s says:

      New Emmett Till Memory app can’t be vandalized http://news.ku.edu/2019/08/09/new-emmett-till-memory-app-cant-be-vandalized
      On Aug. 28, a group of grassroots campaigners led by a University of Kansas researcher has debuted the Emmett Till Memory Project, a new mobile phone app and related website that cannot be physically vandalized.
      Dave Tell, professor of communication studies, has been involved with the project since its inception. He is also the author of a new book that deals with the commemoration of the crime that sparked a movement, “Remembering Emmett Till” (University of Chicago Press).

      Emmet Till Memory Project: https://tillapp.emmett-till.org/

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