Leading gun owners’ site says — It’s Time to De-Fund the NRA

❝ The National Rifle Association — America’s oldest civil rights organization — is in an existential crisis today brought on by mismanagement, cronyism, and self-dealing by its leadership. Every week brings forth a new allegation, a new bit of evidence that the the NRA’s leaders are more interested in lining their own pockets and enjoying the perquisites of power than promoting marksmanship, gun safety, and defending the right to keep and bear arms.

Every day this circus continues is a day that the NRA’s credibility as an organization takes another hit. This is a dangerous situation for the organization and for American gun owners because — whatever the reality — the identity of gun owners in this country is tightly linked to that of the NRA.

❝ We’d like to say that the NRA’s leadership has stepped up to the plate in response. We’d like to say they’ve at least mouthed the correct words, made promises of transparency going forward, committed to an independent audit of the books, expressed interest in correcting what were inarguably missteps (even if you believe the leadership is innocent of any actual wrongdoing, missteps in communications and public relations have certainly been made,) and of welcoming fresh blood and new voices to its ranks.

We can’t say any of that, though, because they haven’t.

I have a fondness for sporting firearms that goes back to my youth. I grew up in Connecticut, the arsenal of America in my day. My generation was the first in my family NOT to work sometime or other for a gun manufacturer. The two generations preceding, just about every man and a number of the women did work for one or another gun manufacturer – including a gunsmith who worked on the designs of many of today’s modern military rifles.

None of which diminishes my strong feeling about the need for strict regulatory standards. Above and beyond that, the hustlers and con artists who infest the so-called leadership of the NRA need to go. Time to clean house is overdue.

3 thoughts on “Leading gun owners’ site says — It’s Time to De-Fund the NRA

  1. Update says:

    Three more National Rifle Association board members resign, say leadership won’t allow investigations into improprieties. This letter comes less than a week after the NRA’s chief lobbyist Chris Cox stepped down from his top executive position at the organization amidst allegations of impropriety, and reports that Wayne LaPierre, Chief Executive and Executive Vice President of the NRA, had been effective in getting Cox suspended from his duties. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/8/1/1876022/-Three-more-NRA-board-members-resign-saying-leadership-won-t-allow-investigations-into-improprieties
    SCRIBD “NRA Board Resignation Letter : August 1, 2019” https://www.scribd.com/document/420496549/NRA-Board-Resignation-Letter

    • Ricochet says:

      (CBS News 8/13/19): A fourth member of the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors has resigned. The string of vacancies on the top gun advocate’s board comes amid a rash of inner turmoil and renewed scrutiny in the wake of two deadly mass shootings earlier this month.
      In recent days, leaked documents showed the group’s longtime leader Wayne LaPierre may have misused member dues, spending nearly $300,000 on designer clothes over 10 years and charging the NRA for luxury travel to the Bahamas, Budapest and Italy. Rising costs and controversy also led the group to shutter its entertainment arm — NRATV.
      See also “NRA shuts down NRATV, and top lobbyist Chris Cox resigns” (June 27) https://www.cbsnews.com/news/nra-shuts-down-nratv-top-executive-chris-cox-resigns/
      NRATV (National Rifle Association Television) was the online video channel of the National Rifle Association. It was established as an offshoot of NRA News in 2016 and ceased production in 2019. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NRATV (scroll down)

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