Welcome to back-to-school shopping day in America…El Paso

At this moment, in one shopping mall in El Paso, Texas, the death toll reported is 19…with 40 injured.

Mark Lambie, El Paso Times

We are saddled – I would say politically crippled – by an institution called the 2-party system. In many ways, those two parties are equally corrupt. When issues of life-and-death are left to political hacks who only count the number of votes they can sieve through an electoral process designed centuries ago, ordinary people haven’t any voice at all.

I’d be happy to throw them all out of office and start with a blank slate. Toss Congress and all our state legislatures out of office. Call a continental Congress to rewrite federal and state election law on the basis of one person, one vote. We can survive weeks of turmoil to put an end to a system that refuses to do a bloody thing about controlling the opportunity to murder hundreds of men, women and children every day of every year. That one sleazy industry, controlled by a few corporate thugs, hands out enough dollars to our politicians to prevent regulatory measures that might slow down their profits…by making our families safer.

Every politician in Congress at this moment stinks on ice. You do not protect this nation. You just voted billions of dollar$ to fatten up the military machinery run by the Pentagon…and did nothing to protect families out shopping for back-to-school necessities for their children. You should be out of a job standing by the side of the road begging handouts for cleaning the windshield of my pickup!

I wouldn’t give you a quarter!