Apple Titanium Credit Card

So far it works like a champ. Notified, a couple days ago, I would be part of the first rollout group of users. Sort of a shakedown cruise for Apple, I guess.

Responded to the first set of instructions. Setup the card in my iPhone wallet – [Saturday morning: – Apple just sent me notification that the snazzy Titanium card will be here Monday]. Popped over to Target who is into Apple Pay. Grabbed a couple 32oz containers of Greek-style yogurt brands I hadn’t yet tried and some frozen spinach we forgot to get on our last shopping excursion to town. Trundled into the self-checkout lane and [for me, actually] ApplePayed for something for the first time.

Normally, my wife does the Apple Pay wherever we’re shopping. I pay back with Apple Pay cash direct to her – iPhone to iPhone – when we unpack at home and we sort out the goods.

Everything smooth as silk. Automagic chuckle when the iPhone pops up my first cash back from a purchase = $0.21…

Today, I setup the payment process which is identical to that on my other favorite credit card – and expanded the reminder in my calendar to pay off the week’s balance for the other card I use + Amazon + Apple [now] the same day every week. Bingo.

Piers Morgan addresses our gutless fake president

This is the end of his article:

❝ These mass shootings have to stop, and the best way to start the process is to stop those committing them from being able to buy their tools of their terror.

So it’s time you grew a pair President Trump, stand up to the NRA and do what REALLY needs to be done.

❝ As you said today, you banned bump fire stock after the Las Vegas massacre.

Now you must go much further.

That means a ban on assault weapons, a ban on high-capacity magazines, and the introduction of mandatory background checks on all gun purchases.

❝ Do it now, or stand condemned as a coward.

And here’s the link to the beginning.