Fake President Meltdown — Crap Reality TV on the way to Cancellation


❝ On Monday, Eugene Robinson wrote a Washington Post op-ed suggesting President Donald Trump is self-destructing because “his reality show sees cancellation on the horizon.”

“Evidence suggests that Trump is melting down. Again. And for good reason,” wrote Robinson. “Fears of a global recession, greatly exacerbated by Trump’s erratic and self-destructive trade policies, have sent financial markets tumbling. A sharp downturn would close off one of the principal lines of attack the president was hoping to use against his Democratic opponent. He tried it out at a rally in New Hampshire last week: ‘You have no choice but to vote for me,’ he told the crowd, ‘because your 401(k)’s down the tubes, everything’s gonna be down the tubes’ if he loses. ‘So whether you love me or hate me, you gotta vote for me.’”

❝ Unfortunately for the president, continued Robinson, that line of argument is nonsense.

❝ But Trump, Robinson wrote, is just “raving like a lunatic” rather than fix the problems created or exacerbated by his presidency.

“The nation is still reeling from two mass shootings. The financial markets are yo-yoing by hundreds of points…And Trump obsesses about buying Greenland.”

Trump smells like a dead fish on ice. In place for the wrong reasons, aided by a corrupt fishmonger called the Republican Party. Still trying to be sold to American voters as a new source of real protein.

And all he is – is the usual product of bad food past it’s sell-by date. Fertilizer on the hoof.

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