3 thoughts on “Little Boris and his secret anti-gravity saw

  1. Rue, Britannia says:

    “The Ham of Fate” by Fintan O’Toole (The New York Review of Books, August 15, 2019 Issue) https://www.nybooks.com/articles/2019/08/15/boris-johnson-ham-of-fate/ [which concludes]: “So while Trump’s anarchism shades into authoritarianism, Johnson’s shades into a kind of insouciant nihilism. The joker’s evasiveness that has taken him to the brink of power will be no use to him if he crosses that threshold and has to make fateful decisions. Brexit is finally moving beyond a joke. But what lies ahead for Johnson in those uncharted waters? His best joke was not meant to be one. In November 2016 he claimed that “Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a titanic success of it.”

    See also “The Double Dishonesty of Boris Johnson’s Brexit Proposals” (The New Yorker Aug 22, 2019 issue) https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/the-double-dishonesty-of-boris-johnsons-brexit-proposals

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