7 thoughts on “I’m a respectable businessman

  1. Supply & Demand says:

    Beset By Lawsuits And Criticism In U.S., Opioid Makers Eye New Market In India : What began in India as a populist movement to bring inexpensive morphine to the diseased and dying poor has paved the way for a booming pain management industry. Now, new customers are being funneled to U.S. drugmakers bedeviled by a government crackdown back home. (Kaiser Health News 8/28/19) https://khn.org/news/india-burgeoning-chronic-pain-market-us-drugmakers-stand-to-profit/

  2. Merchant of Death says:

    Authorities have identified about $1 billion in wire transfers between the owners of pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma, the entities they control and different financial institutions, New York Attorney General Letitia James said Friday.
    The discovery of the wire transfers comes as amid growing allegations by New York and other states that the Sackler family is moving billions of dollars offshore to protect their wealth. It also follows news two days ago of a proposed settlement by Purdue Pharma to thousands of states, counties, cities and tribal governments in their ongoing lawsuit accusing the company of fueling the nation’s opioid epidemic. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/13/us/sackler-family-purdue-pharma-case/index.html
    According to James, “records from one financial institution alone have shown approximately $1 billion in wire transfers between the Sacklers, entities they control, and different financial institutions, including those that have funneled funds into Swiss bank accounts.”
    Forbes has estimated that the family fortune is worth $13 billion, a figure the family has not disputed, but many state attorneys general believe that the family has far more hidden away, as a safeguard against the cascade of litigation. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/13/health/sacklers-purdue-opioids.html

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