Over 1 million signatures in less than 24 hours – to stop Boris’ ham-handed Brexit play

A petition to stop the U.K. parliament from being suspended has now gathered 1,300,000+ signatures

Any petition presented to the UK Parliament with a minimum of 100,000 signatures must be considered for debate and action. Wouldn’t that be a pleasant idea to consider in the GOUSA? Our do-nothing Congress-critters might be forced into something beyond country club manners.

5 thoughts on “Over 1 million signatures in less than 24 hours – to stop Boris’ ham-handed Brexit play

  1. T.F. Gumby says:

    Winston Churchill’s grandson and 20 other members of parliament will be expelled from the Conservative Party after voting against Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Brexit. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-eu-soames/churchills-grandson-to-be-expelled-from-conservative-party-after-defying-johnson-idUSKCN1VO2BE
    The showdown between the government and opponents of a no-deal Brexit will continue later as Labour and other opposition parties seek to pass a bill requesting a further delay if there is no deal by 19 October.
    A total of 21 Tories defied the PM on Tuesday to vote with the opposition as Mr Johnson suffered his first Commons defeat as prime minister by a margin of 328 votes to 301.
    If the Brexit delay bill passes later on and moves to the Lords, as is expected, Mr Johnson will push for an immediate vote on an early general election.
    Hours before the vote on Tuesday, the government had already lost its working majority when Tory MP Phillip Lee defected to the Liberal Democrats.

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