Fake President escalates trade war — killing off more farm business

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❝ American farmers have become collateral damage in a trade war that Mr. Trump began to help manufacturers and other companies that he believes have been hurt by China’s “unfair” trade practices.

More than a year into the trade dispute, sales of American soybeans, pork, wheat and other agricultural products to China have dried up as Beijing retaliates against Mr. Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports. Lucrative contracts that farmers long relied on for a significant source of income have evaporated, with Chinese buyers looking to other nations like Brazil and Canada to get the commodities they need. Farm bankruptcy filings in the year through June were up 13 percent from 2018 and loan delinquency rates are on the rise, according to the American Farm Bureau.

RTFA for the details. If you’ve been paying more attention than the average Republican Senator, you’ll know much of the analysis. Personally, if I was any foreign business consumer of American farm products available from other sources – I would never return to doing business with them. Especially if their politics were antithetical to my very existence.