Austria election: far-Right populists crash-and-burn / Green Party triples their best result

❝ Support for Austria’s Freedom party (FPÖ) has plunged by more than a third as voters punished the far-right group in national elections for a corruption scandal that brought down the government.

❝ The former chancellor Sebastian Kurz, 33, looks certain to reclaim his position as the youngest leader in the world after his conservative People’s party (ÖVP) secured 37.1% of the vote – its best result since 2002.

The Green party was the other big winner on Sunday, achieving its best result at national elections with 14%. The centre-left Social Democratic party (SPÖ) plummeted to a historically low 21.7% but was still the second-biggest party.

Questions about coalitions are not terribly unique – once you get outside the United States. Though we’ve had decades of cornball [and effective] brainwashing about the so-called benefits of 2-party politics, I see no reason to make excuses for the one-size-fits-all approach to electoral politics.

Former Trump adviser slams Giuliani quoting debunked conspiracies

Tom Bossert briefing White House reporters in 2017

❝ President Donald Trump’s former homeland security adviser slammed the president’s lawyers and associates for continuing to tout debunked conspiracy theories in an effort to insulate the president and boost his political standing.

He specifically took aim at Trump and his longtime lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s repeated echoing of debunked conspiracy theories about the hack of the Democratic National Committee computer servers during the 2016 election campaign in an effort to curry favor for the president…

“It’s not only a conspiracy theory, it is completely debunked,” Bossert said. “I don’t want to be glib about this matter but last year, retired former Senator Judd Gregg wrote in The Hill [“How to Impeach Oneself”] and the third way was to hire Rudy Giuliani.”

Louts rely on crap conspiracy theories simply because a percentage of rote supporters who are too lazy to read up on reality, too hypocritical to confront the truth, love being fed lies they know their fellow nutballs will accept.

Semper Fi, Donny…

❝ Following climate change activist Greta Thunberg’s scathing address to world leaders at the United Nations on Monday, former top military officials have called for President Donald Trump to treat the issue as a major national security threat.

Sixty-four former senior military and intelligence leaders have endorsed the Climate Security Plan for America issued on Tuesday by the Center for Climate and Security and George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

❝ “In this context of unprecedented risk and unprecedented foresight, the President has a responsibility to prepare the nation for the unavoidable impacts of climate change, and a responsibility to prevent future security scenarios that impose catastrophic consequences,” the plan reads…

❝ In 2017, the Trump administration removed climate change from the list of threats and instead placed it under a section on “embracing” energy dominance. The administration’s National Security Strategy assigns greater importance to border control and the global economy.

The Fake President not only gets things backwards, he sees them upside down. I doubt this is caused by damage from years of selling overpriced NYC real estate. More likely he just has shite for brains.

Babylon rule dem, too…

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[If you want to read the lyrics, they’re over here + youtube is having troubles, as well]

You can take my meaning many ways. The subtle bits and pieces are useful; but, the essential point doesn’t change. While “analysts” prattle about progressive democrats vs centrist democrats, in very many ways there is little difference between the whole lot and conservative, racist, profit-driven power brokers who own damned near all our politicians, elected officials, government.

Nothing is more important to them than maintaining the imperial power of the United States. That translates to several important characteristics. Globally, all nations should keep their economy and education subservient to the GOUSA. Domestically, that means free access to healthcare, education, jobs, equal rights, equal opportunity still takes second place to profits.

Yes, the political system still derives from economics. That doesn’t mean don’t vote. If you want an opportunity to change the system at all, you must avail yourself of what social democracies we have available. Doing otherwise, just leaves even more control in the hands of fascist-minded creeps like trump and the villains who pull his strings.