America fails to feed seniors

Andrea Morales/KHN

❝ Army veteran Eugene Milligan is 75 years old and blind. He uses a wheelchair since losing half his right leg to diabetes and gets dialysis for kidney failure…And he has struggled to get enough to eat.

❝ Earlier this year, he ended up in the hospital after burning himself while boiling water for oatmeal. The long stay caused the Memphis vet to fall off a charity’s rolls for home-delivered Meals on Wheels, so he had to rely on others, such as his son, a generous off-duty nurse and a local church to bring him food.

“Many times, I’ve felt like I was starving,” he said. “There’s neighbors that need food too. There’s people at dialysis that need food. There’s hunger everywhere.”

❝ Indeed, millions of seniors across the country quietly go hungry as the safety net designed to catch them frays. Nearly 8% of Americans 60 and older were “food insecure” in 2017, according to a recent study released by the anti-hunger group Feeding America. That’s 5.5 million seniors who don’t have consistent access to enough food for a healthy life, a number that has more than doubled since 2001 and is only expected to grow as America grays.

RTFA. Please! Between the cowardly lions called Congress and the two political parties infesting American electoral politics, none of us can count on respect or support as a guaranteed response for decades of life toiling in the vineyards of American capitalism.

2 thoughts on “America fails to feed seniors

  1. Old and in the way says:

    “U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Task Force Barrier, in partnership with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, awarded two contracts totaling nearly $1 billion April 9 for the removal and replacement of vehicle fencing with pedestrian fencing along the southwest border.”
    The president and his administration said this week that they plan on building between 450 and 500 miles (724 and 806 kilometers) of fencing along the nearly 2,000-mile (3,218-kilometer) border by the end of 2020.

  2. Cost-Benefit Inc. says:

    Why Did America Drop 40 Tons of Bombs on This Iraqi Island?
    “…The spectacle of the massive air strike on Monday morning required careful planning. F-15E fighter-bombers and F-35A stealth fighters, apparently operating from Air Force Central’s Al Dhafra air base in the United Arab Emirates, together dropped 40 one-ton precision-guided bombs, each costing around $20,000.
    Using pricey smart bombs helped ensure that the munitions would strike at regular intervals across the island. Adding in the cost of fuel and maintenance for aircraft, the air raid’s total price could exceed $1 million.”

    “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
    This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.” U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower in a speech addressed to the American Society of Newspaper Editors on April 16, 1953

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