2 thoughts on “Cable News only covers disasters…

  1. Jerry Fletcher says:

    Setting aside our love of drama in all its many forms, I’d suggest ‘news’ broadcasting and its focus on disasters of all sorts may have something to do with the obvious rewards of catering to our primal instincts and unconscious preoccupation, as a matter of survival, with detecting potential threats.
    Needless to say there are no longer any saber-toothed tigers waiting in ambush but our uncertainties about the existential dangers we now face, combined with the insidious ways that our anxieties are manipulated for commercial and political purposes, has created a feedback loop that feeds upon itself, which not only increases the need for more ‘news’ but also, by amplifying viewers unconscious fears, serves to facilitate making impulsive decisions.
    Unfortunately turning what amounts to a morbid fascination with death into a lucrative form of entertainment and a means to engineering consent can also engender a hypersensitive form of situational awareness known as paranoia, a condition in which one thinks and feels as if they are in immediate danger even though there may be no (or very little) objective evidence of that, which as we’ve seen is something that can have very dire consequences.

    “A paranoid man is a man who knows a little about what’s going on.” (William S. Burroughs)

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