Listen to the heartbeat of a stone spire near Moab

❝ Castleton Tower is one of many culturally significant desert rock formations that Jeff Moore, a geologist, and his team at the Geohazards research group at the University of Utah have been monitoring with audio recordings. Like a doctor listening to the beating of a human heart, they hope to learn about the structural health of these arches, bridges and towers and how their environments affect them…

❝ …Castleton Tower taps into the earth’s natural vibrations, finding that it pulsates at about the rate of a human heartbeat.

Way cool. Makes you want to lean up against this critter and listen…even if all you get to hear is the wind.

One thought on “Listen to the heartbeat of a stone spire near Moab

  1. Korzybski says:

    Castleton Tower sits at the southern terminus of a ridge made mostly of red sand, gravel, scatter boulders, and few short cliff lines. The ridge that runs north to south for about 2,800 feet (850 m) at its high point. Castleton Tower (~40’x400′) shares the ridge with a structure at the ridge’s Northern terminus with a similar height but considerable larger area known as The Rectory (~200’x1000′). This second structure is also referred to as The Priest and Nuns although those names are more often applied to specific structures connected to or contained in The Rectory – which is what is in the image for this post.
    This is Castleton tower AKA: Castle Rock (click to enlarge)

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