One thought on “Medicare for all — under Trump

  1. Snake oil says:

    “In signing an executive order to strengthen Medicare Thursday, President Trump positioned himself as the guardian of the government healthcare program for seniors that Republicans originally opposed as socialism and have long sought to overhaul.
    The executive order, called Protecting and Improving Medicare For Our Nation’s Seniors, is meant to boost Medicare Advantage, an alternative to traditional Medicare that allows for private plans approved by the government. It will allow Medicare Advantage to cover even more services that traditional Medicare doesn’t cover, such as adult daycare, expand the use of telehealth so patients can reach their doctors through computers or iPads, and will allow the government to pay for newer technologies and treatments soon after regulators approve them.
    The order is meant to offer a contrast between Trump and liberal Democrats who want favor the Medicare for All Act, which would upend the current healthcare system to enroll the entire population in a government plan. Trump called the idea “socialist” and on Thursday pledged that under his administration, “Medicare would never be taken away from you.”

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