2 thoughts on “In case you forgot how critically important tasks are performed in a nation about to BREXIT…

  1. Rue, Britannia says:

    (Reuters, January 29, 2020): The United Kingdom leaves the European Union an hour before midnight on Friday, casting off into an uncertain Brexit future that also challenges Europe’s post-World War Two project of forging unity from the ruins of conflict.
    After the twists and turns of the Brexit crisis, the country’s most significant geopolitical move since the loss of empire could be an anticlimax of sorts: a transition period preserves membership in all but name until the end of 2020.
    Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given little clue to what the future holds, promising only to restore confidence for people and businesses.
    “We’ll be out of the EU, free to chart our own course as a sovereign nation,” said Johnson, the New York-born face of the campaign to leave the EU.


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