Government flunkies sue Snowden for telling the truth

❝ The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Edward Snowden alleging that his newly released memoir, Permanent Record, violates nondisclosure agreements he signed with the federal government. Justice Department lawyers say the U.S. is entitled to all of Snowden’s book profits.

The civil lawsuit filed Tuesday in Virginia names the former National Security Agency contractor and his New York-based publisher, Macmillan…

❝ Ben Wizner, an ACLU lawyer who represents Snowden, said the book does not contain government secrets that were not already publicly known.

“Had Mr. Snowden believed that the government would review his book in good faith, he would have submitted it for review. But the government continues to insist that facts that are known and discussed throughout the world are still somehow classified,” Wizner wrote in a statement.

The sort of illogic employed by government flunkies to justify their disreputable waste of taxpayer dollar$ on efforts to shutdown people who turn loose the truth, expose criminal activity by elected officials.

One thought on “Government flunkies sue Snowden for telling the truth

  1. Смерть шпионам says:

    “Edward Snowden and the Rise of Whistle-Blower Culture : In his memoir, he chronicles his life game by game, from Nintendo to the N.S.A.” (New Yorker Magazine September 23, 2019 Issue)
    Speaking at a private event with U.S. diplomatic officials in New York Thursday morning President Trump expressed disgust with the explosive whistleblower complaint, slamming the intelligence officer and the White House aides who helped him as “almost a spy” and suggested it was treason. A person attending the event provided the Los Angeles Times with a recording of the president’s remarks.

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