Fake President likes his new tidy, whitey, national security adviser

❝ For US President Donald Trump, glittering résumés and decades of experience aren’t the only relevant factors when hiring officials to top positions — appearance counts.

Appearance is said to be something Trump’s new hire as national security adviser, Robert C. O’Brien, had in his favor. A source close to the president told The New York Times in an article published Wednesday that Trump had enthused about O’Brien’s well-tailored appearance and easy demeanor.

❝ Trump had remarked that O’Brien “looks the part,” The Times said, and contrasted him with his immediate predecessor in the role, John Bolton, whose bushy mustache and prickly personality were widely reported to clash with Trump’s vision of a White House in which everyone looks as if they are straight out of “central casting.”

All the qualities Trumpo lacks, are expected from a sharp-dressed man.

3 thoughts on “Fake President likes his new tidy, whitey, national security adviser

  1. "Only the best people' says:

    (Sept 19, 2019): A Senate committee abruptly postponed a confirmation hearing Thursday for former Republican congressman Darrell Issa after his nomination to lead the U.S. Trade and Development Agency hit a snag over an issue in his FBI background check. The panel did move forward with hearings on three other Trump nominees, two of which have sparked some degree of controversy: Marshall Billingslea, nominated to serve as undersecretary of state for civilian security, democracy and human rights, faced questions about his record as a Pentagon official in the George W. Bush administration, in which he was involved in the approval of the use of torture techniques against military detainees.
    Michael Pack, who is nominated to become chief executive of the U.S. Agency for Global Media, was pressed on his association with Stephen K. Bannon, the former White House strategist and populist firebrand, and whether he would seek to impose his conservative views on the journalists he would manage at Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Televisión Martí and other overseas media networks.
    Past media accounts have detailed questions about Issa’s military record, including a demotion and an allegation of car theft that did not result in prosecution. He has also faced scrutiny for another incident in his past, a 1982 fire that destroyed a business owned by Issa that was investigated as a possible arson. Issa has told reporters that if he is not confirmed to the trade post by early November he will run for the House seat now held by Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R-Calif.). Hunter, who represents a neighboring San Diego County district to the one Issa previously represented until January, is facing a federal indictment on numerous campaign finance violations. https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/senate-panel-delays-confirmation-hearing-for-ex-rep-issa-citing-fbi-background-check/2019/09/19/1e558fea-dafb-11e9-bfb1-849887369476_story.html

  2. No shame says:

    National security adviser Robert C. O’Brien takes his wife on an all expense paid tour of Europe (12/14/20) https://www.axios.com/obrien-wife-tour-europe-9d6d2f6b-812a-4c6a-b63b-7bba380a6020.html
    Then: “Robert O’Brien, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, cut short a European trip to return to Washington to coordinate the government response to the suspected Russian cyber attack on multiple federal agencies, according to an administration official.” https://www.politico.com/news/2020/12/15/obrien-cuts-short-europe-trip-to-address-agency-hacking-445753
    And as the Capitol was under attack on Jan. 6:
    NSC @WHNSC 2:15 PM Jan 6, 2021: “Violence has absolutely no place in our democracy. I applaud the men and women of law enforcement and the National Guard, who are working to restore order and protect our institutions. Our country is better than what we saw today at our Capitol.”- NSA Robert C. O’Brien https://twitter.com/WHNSC/status/1346928394911539200
    Robert C. O’Brien @robertcobrien 4:03 PM Jan 6, 2021: “I just spoke with Vice President Pence. He is a genuinely fine and decent man. He exhibited courage today as he did at the Capitol on 9/11 as a Congressman. I am proud to serve with him.” https://twitter.com/robertcobrien/status/1346955563968524289

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