Taxpayers get the tab for Fake President’s musical chairs for his border wall


❝ Senior Trump administration officials are considering a plan to again divert billions of dollars in military funding to pay for border barrier construction next year, a way to circumvent congressional opposition to putting more taxpayer money toward the president’s signature project, according to three administration officials.

The president has pledged to complete nearly 500 miles of new barrier by the 2020 election — stirring chants of ‘‘Build the Wall!’’ at his campaign rallies. But that construction goal will require a total of $18.4 billion in funding through 2020, far more than the administration has publicly disclosed…

❝ The Pentagon warned of a series of dire outcomes unless Congress paid for urgently needed military construction projects around the country – the same projects that have now been canceled to fund President Donald Trump’s border wall.

Trump lies about “emergencies” – lies about solutions to those emergencies – lies to steal more taxpayer dollar$ to make up for his mismanagement.