Giuliani Bubbas Busted for Funneling Russian Fund$ into Trump’s Election

Scumbag Junior, Tom Hicks (head of America First), Giuliani’s busted buddies
AP photo

❝ Two Soviet-born donors to a pro- Trump fundraising committee who helped Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to investigate Democrat Joe Biden were arrested late Wednesday on criminal charges of violating campaign finance rules, including funneling Russian money into President Trump’s campaign.

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, two Florida businessmen, have been under investigation by the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan, and are expected to appear in federal court in Virginia later on Thursday, the people said. Both men were born in former Soviet republics.

❝ House committees issued subpoenas for documents from the two men on Thursday.

❝ Both men…gave $325,000 to the primary pro-Trump super PAC, America First Action, through an LLC called Global Energy Producers…Fruman made additional campaign donations totaling almost $400,000…That would bring the pair’s contributions to about $1 million.

All illegal. All confirming the sort of foreign electioneering for the Scumbag-in-Chief that the Mueller Report outlined. Meanwhile, every bigot’s favorite fake president continues running from the Constitutional effort to impeach his corrupt reign in the White House. With the aid of willing accomplices in the Republican Party. Of course.

UPDATE: Apparently, these creeps figured out (or were warned) that Giuliani’s water-carriers were in danger. They were busted preparing to get on a flight out of the country. One-way tickets in hand.

16 thoughts on “Giuliani Bubbas Busted for Funneling Russian Fund$ into Trump’s Election

  1. Tutti frutti says:

    President Donald Trump says he hopes his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani does not end up getting indicted on criminal charges.
    The indictment says Parnas and Fruman made illegal donations totaling $325,000 to a political action committee that supports Trump.
    “I don’t know those gentlemen,” Trump told reporters Thursday.
    The Miami Herald earlier this week ran an article about Parnas’ and Furman’s refusal to comply with requests for documents and testimony from House committees conducting an impeachment inquiry into Trump. [See ]
    That article was illustrated with a photo showing Trump, Parnas, Furman and Giuliani standing together, smiling, at a prior event.

  2. Shpritz says:

    “President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was paid $500,000 for work he did for a company co-founded by the Ukrainian-American businessman arrested last week on campaign finance charges, Giuliani told Reuters on Monday.”
    “Giuliani said Parnas’ company, Boca Raton-based Fraud Guarantee, whose website says it aims to help clients “reduce and mitigate fraud”, engaged Giuliani Partners, a management and security consulting firm, around August 2018. Giuliani said he was hired to consult on Fraud Guarantee’s technologies and provide legal advice on regulatory issues.
    Federal prosecutors are “examining Giuliani’s interactions” with Parnas and another Giuliani associate, Igor Fruman, who was also indicted on campaign finance charges, a law enforcement source told Reuters on Sunday.
    According to an indictment unsealed by U.S. prosecutors, an unidentified Russian businessman arranged for two $500,000 wires to be sent from foreign bank accounts to a U.S. account controlled by Fruman in September and October 2018. The money was used, in part, by Fruman, Parnas and two other men charged in the indictment to gain influence with U.S. politicians and candidates, the indictment said.
    Foreign nationals are prohibited from making contributions and other expenditures in connection with U.S. elections, and from making contributions in someone else’s name.
    Giuliani said he was confident that the money he received was from “a domestic source,” but he would not say where it came from.”

  3. Hubble-bubble says:

    [Bloomberg]: Associates of a Ukrainian oligarch fighting extradition to the U.S. were working to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden last summer in an effort to get Rudy Giuliani’s help in the oligarch’s legal case, according to three people familiar with the exchanges.
    Dmitry Firtash, charged with conspiracy by the U.S. and living in Vienna, shuffled lawyers in July to add Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing, vocal supporters of President Donald Trump who had worked with Giuliani. Around that time, some of Firtash’s associates began to use his broad network of Ukraine contacts to get damaging information on Biden, the people said.
    [Washington Post]: “President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, pressed the Trump administration to grant a visa to a former Ukrainian official who had been removed from his job because of concerns he was not aggressively pursuing corruption cases, according to four U.S. officials familiar with the matter.
    But senior State Department officials denied the visa for Viktor Shokin, who had been booted as Ukraine’s top prosecutor in 2016 following pressure from the West, including from then-Vice President Joe Biden, the International Monetary Fund and the European Union, said the officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private deliberations.
    His visa was denied on corruption grounds, officials said.”

  4. Omar's Coming Yo! says:

    Giuliani Was Close to a Podcast Deal With the News Outlet That Spread His Ukraine Conspiracies :The president’s lawyer was negotiating a possible deal to co-produce a podcast with the publication — and The Hill’s John Solomon helped with the talks even as his articles were used in a disinformation campaign.

    In late June, a month before Trump urged Ukraine’s leader to investigate his top political rival, the president’s personal attorney went to a London cigar shop with Lev Parnas and his partner Igor Fruman. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan indicted Parnas and Fruman last month on allegations that they illegally funneled money into U.S. political campaigns. Giuliani is under investigation by the same office, according to multiple reports.

  5. Big wheel keep on turnin' says:

    “Giuliani associate Lev Parnas turns over thousands of new documents to Congress”
    “Giuliani Has Been Lobbying To Join Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team” Giuliani has also volunteered to step up to the plate to prosecute Biden for RICO in Trump’s senate impeachment hearings.
    “Esteemed Legal Scholars Giuliani And Pirro Urge SCOTUS To Decree Impeachment Illegal Under Marbury v. Madison”
    Giuliani has been busily repeating the widely debunked assertion that there can only be an impeachment for statutory crimes. And because abuse of power and obstruction of Congress don’t “exist as crimes” in Rudy’s world, this impeachment is akin to a grand jury returning an indictment for “eating an ice cream” or “if somebody charged me with not looking nice tonight.”
    See “The Supreme Court Should Step In To Rule This Impeachment Unconstitutional” [Giuliani editorial]
    Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137, was a U.S. Supreme Court case that established the principle of judicial review in the United States, meaning that American courts have the power to strike down laws, statutes, and some government actions that violate the Constitution of the United States.

  6. Puzzling Evidence says:

    Lev Parnas and Rudy Giuliani have demolished Trump’s claims of innocence : New documents show why the president has been trying to hide evidence from Congress.
    The stunning new texts, documents, and impeachment evidence released by the House, explained
    Indicted Giuliani Ally Has Money-Tied Republicans Seeking Cover
    The Trump administration abruptly canceled three classified congressional briefings related to the ongoing Iran crisis, in some cases providing little or no explanation for doing so.

    • eideard says:

      I haven’t caught Rachel Maddow’s show in a while…but, I did, tonight. Which turned out to be Part 1 of her interview with Lev Parnas. Stunning, revealing and confirming all the crap and corruption of the fake president and his abuses in Ukraine in particular. Complicity of Pence, Barr, etc.. Part 2, tomorrow night.

      I’ll combine the links with your suggestion(s) for 8AM, tomorrow morning. UPDATE: Moved this to 5:45 AM.

  7. p/s says:

    Igor Fruman, one of Rudy Giuliani’s former associates, was sentenced to one year and one day in prison on Friday for his role in a scheme to funnel Russian money into US elections.
    US District Judge Paul Oetken said it was a “serious offense” and punishment was necessary.
    “Our democracy is fragile and it depends on people believing in it,” Oetken said.

  8. Update says:

    A Russian oligarch linked to men accused of making illegal donations to a political action committee set up for former President Donald Trump was himself indicted by a federal grand jury in New York for using those men to funnel contributions to other politicians.
    The oligarch, Andrey Muraviev, already was publicly known to have been the source of political donations made on his behalf by Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.
    Those two Soviet-born former associates of Trump’s ex-lawyer Rudy Giuliani used money from Muraviev for donations to try to get licenses for retail cannabis and marijuana businesses.

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