1970 Toyota Land Cruiser – with all-electric drive

❝ For many decades, so-called crate engines—most often V-8s—have been the basis for adding more excitement or a life extension to old cars and trucks, fresh out of a shipping crate and with a minimum of fuss.

So how about a “crate” electric motor system that’s disguised as a V-8?

❝ Electric GT, of Chatsworth, California, is in the process of doing a “TLC build” electric conversion of a 1970 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. This conversion, which is nearly complete, also happens to be a testbed for an all-in-one modular “crate” system.

❝ With Electric GT’s product, it should be a matter of dropping the “crate engine” in as you might an engine swap of a V-8 into an old car, then attaching harnesses and installing the battery. The goal is to have something that greatly reduces the number of conversion hours while offering something that’s “very stylistic, all functional,” according to WInberg.

Eventually, easier means cheaper, as well. Be nice to turn my 25-year-old Dodge pickup into an electric beastie.

4 thoughts on “1970 Toyota Land Cruiser – with all-electric drive

  1. Henry T. says:

    Land Rover restomod with a Tesla electric powertrain https://arstechnica.com/cars/2020/09/now-you-can-get-an-land-rover-restomod-with-a-tesla-electric-powertrain/
    “The Electric Defender should be at least as capable off-road as it was when it left Land Rover’s Solihull factory. ECD uprates the differentials to cope with the 335kW (450hp) generated by a Tesla drive unit, and the benefits of an electric motor mean that this restomod should drive significantly better on the road. The weight of a finished conversion isn’t even much greater, despite carrying 100kWh of lithium-ion (also repurposed from a Tesla).
    “If you compare it to a V8 with a full tank of fuel, it’s almost the same—maybe a touch heavier, but the weight is situated lower, so you get a better center of gravity on the car.”
    Unfortunately, none of this comes cheap. A restomodded Defender from ECD with a conventional powertrain starts at $165,995, and the build process involves an eight-month design process and then another 100 days in the workshop. Making it electric bumps that up even more—expect to pay between $195,000-$265,000 if you want one in your life.”

    ECD Automotive Design https://ecdautodesign.com/

  2. p/s says:

    Chevrolet readies an electric crate motor for homebuilt EV hotrods : On sale next year, it includes a Bolt EV motor and 60kWh battery pack. https://arstechnica.com/cars/2020/10/chevrolet-readies-an-electric-crate-motor-for-homebuilt-ev-hotrods/
    Electric ‘crate motors’ make turning your gas car into an EV easy : These two new conversion kits are plug-and-play – batteries not included https://driving.ca/auto-news/news/electric-crate-motors-make-turning-your-gas-car-into-an-ev-easy

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