One thought on “Ben was always prepared for fraud…

  1. Omnipotence paradox says:

    ▶️ “Article II of the Constitution: Trump’s ‘right to do whatever I want?’ Or a roadmap for impeachment?”
    ▶️ “Trump’s lawyers claim the president is an elected king : No investigation, no prosecution, no impeachment. So who is the president accountable to?”
    ▶️ As President Trump continues to fight the efforts to obtain his tax returns, a lawyer representing him in court argued that he didn’t need to release them because he will be immune from any prosecution until he leaves office—even if he shot someone on New York City’s Fifth Avenue (echoing Trump’s 2016 comment that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose support).
    The president’s personal lawyer William S. Consovoy argued that Trump should be shielded from investigation and prosecution on the part of federal and state authorities for the duration of his presidency, calling this principle “temporary presidential immunity.”
    The Post reports:
    Judge Denny Chin pressed Consovoy about the hypothetical shooting in the middle of Manhattan.
    “Local authorities couldn’t investigate? They couldn’t do anything about it?” he asked, adding, “Nothing could be done? That is your position?”
    “That is correct,” Consovoy answered emphasizing that the immunity applied only while Trump is in office.

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