Think cosmetic surgery (mostly) for men ain’t profitable?

Watching proper football, this morning, I witnessed a sharp example of profit margins in action. The animated electric hoardings alongside any English Premier League match have got to be an expensive advertIsing buy. Limited, typically, to beer companies, sports betting, sport shoe manufacturers, etc…seeking a global market…and, today, this popped up during the match between Brighton-and-Hove Albion vs Everton.

Yup. Pick up and fly to Turkey for an appointment with Dr. Cinik…and get your hair island bridged to your do.

I have no idea what he charges; but, it obviously allows for the cost of advertising in one of the largest sports markets in the world.

Master of Creatures

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❝ It’s the middle of a Saturday afternoon, and the 63-year-old Tippett is doing what he typically does on Saturday afternoons: working on his animated film Mad God in his Berkeley studio, using the venerable stop-motion animation technique popularized by Gumby and the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer holiday special.

Two members of Tippett’s crew are arranging scores of characters on the miniature set as he fine-tunes the lighting. The naked, faceless puppets are about 5 inches tall, and each has screws in its heels allowing it to be anchored in place. Their elongated humanoid bodies are coarse, lumpy, and brown. There’s no getting around it — they look like they’ve been molded out of excrement. They’re supposed to look that way. Tippett calls them “Shit Men.”

Phil Tippett does what he does best – on his own time, nowadays. He still makes a living showing producers of films using computer-generated-images, CGI, for their special effects – how to do it. How to make them lifelike. Even if they are scripted as something that doesn’t exist in our reality. The article is the story of his growth, leadership, and carrying on with stop-motion animation. You’ve all seen his work. Here’s his story.