Best mobile food retail in Berlin

Might have been a better lunch choice than conference food…

3 thoughts on “Best mobile food retail in Berlin

  1. Sha'Tara says:

    A couple of swivel wheel supports at the front of that contraption would make all the difference. As it stands, the worker seems to support the entire weight of the unit and should there be a fire his straps would hold him in and he’d be as good as dead. C’mon, where’s that German ingenuity?

    • nicknielsensc says:

      I think he’s wearing that ingenuity. He appears to have the grill, mustard, curry sauce, and the brötchen up front, and the LP tank in the backpack. It looks like the piping forms a frame, as well.

      From the looks of things, all he has to do to slip out of the right strap is pull his hand back. Then he drops it off his left shoulder and he’s out of it…assuming his jacket isn’t zipped over the chains.

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