VW, There and Here

VW starts pre-production runs – new plant in China

❝ VW announced that it already started pre-production at its all-electric vehicle factory in China, just a year after ground breaking at the new plant.

Over the last two years, every major automaker has announced plans to build electric vehicles in China due to the country’s new aggressive zero-emission mandate.

❝ VW is among those automakers who quickly announced plans to build a new factory just for electric vehicles.

They started building it last year through their joint venture with SAIC and today, they announced that they started pre-production at their new factory in Anting, Shanghai.

VW breaks ground for $800 million EV plant in Tennessee

❝ Volkswagen breaks ground Wednesday on its Tennessee plant that will produce two battery-powered cars, according to Reuters. Plans for the $800 million investment in the Chattanooga plant were first announced in January. The ground-breaking shows that Volkswagen is intent on achieving its goal of producing 50 million electric cars in the next several years.

❝ Scott Keogh, Volkswagen Group of America CEO, characterized the event as part of a “magic moment” for electric vehicles in the United States. He equated it to the introduction of the Beetle, which went on to sell 21 million units.

❝ The average transaction price of a car in America right now is $33,000, somewhere around there. That’s where I’d put the dart in the market [for an electric vehicle]. That’s a decent space to approach the center of the market. It will be a car for the heart of the market.

Don’t kid yourself. The same kind of people whining about investments, government support for electric vehicles, here in the United States have their peers with the same kind of chickenshit DNA in China. Priorities are formed by leaders: political, economic and social leaders willing to move ahead. Apparently, it is still possible to find folks willing to setup shop in completely different countries because they recognize opportunity.

4 thoughts on “VW, There and Here

  1. Mark says:

    Hopefully they can manufacture an electric vehicle that has less total emissions that a ICE vehicle. As its stands you have to drive an electric car 100k+ kms to break even on ICE emissions. The thing is that many electric vehicles are used in cities will not reach 100k kms and are therefore overall the dirtier option.

    The pollution, however, will occur in manufacture and not in the urban environment so cleaner cities. Not such good news for climate change though.

    • eideard says:

      Are you presuming coal-generated electricity? Not that New Mexico is any leader in ending that – but, we are regulating it out of existence. We are a natural not only for solar; but, especially wind.

      Though it’s easy-peasy to pop a single panel on the garage roof to charge the critter. Here. And corps like VW [those sneaky Germans] are aiding the construction of alternative electric generation for their plants in the US.

  2. Mark says:

    The manufacture process for electric cars creates more pollution than for ICE cars. My information is that you have to drive it 100k kms to break even pollution wise with an modern ICE vehicle.

    Obviously that figure comes down if the power used to charge it comes from renewable sources. Not sure that a single solar panel will be enough to charge a car in the long run, but that additional infrastructure adds to the cost.

    I think my figures are indeed based on coal generated power. We seem to love the stuff here in Oz.

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