Trump Posts Bizarre Image of His Head Copy-and-Pasted onto Body of Rocky

❝ President Donald Trump shared a bold and bizarrely altered image of himself on social media on Wednesday, amid the ongoing impeachment inquiry and one day before Thanksgiving.

The post shows Trump’s head on the body of boxer Rocky Balboa from the iconic Rocky franchise. The Trump-Rocky hybrid stands in a ring and wears the patriotic gear that actor Sylvester Stallone, who played Rocky, wore on the poster for Rocky III.

And then there’s a more realistic version.

One thought on “Trump Posts Bizarre Image of His Head Copy-and-Pasted onto Body of Rocky

  1. p/s says:

    Trump campaign tweets video of Trump as ‘Avengers’ villain Thanos “The clip depicts Trump as Thanos saying “I am inevitable” before snapping his fingers, causing Democratic House leadership to disintegrate in the manner of the climax of “Infinity War,” during which the character dispatches several of the heroes, and half the world’s population, in a similar way. “House Democrats can push their sham impeachment all they want. President Trump’s re-election is,” the account tweeted.”
    “Avengers fans point out flaw as Trump shares Thanos campaign ad : Trump clearly hasn’t seen Avengers: Endgame”
    While Thanos creator Jim Starlin has condemned the advert, Marvel fans are highlighting the fact that the scene Trump’s team have used is the one in which the character is defeated by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr).
    “Trump’s team is presenting him as a narcissistic child-abusing villain intent on wiping out half of all life, AND picked the moment right before Thanos was defeated,” one user wrote.
    “Thanos creator condemns Trump’s Avengers campaign ad: ‘How sick is that?’ : New video shows president’s face superimposed onto the mass murdering Marvel villain”

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