Playing sounds of healthy coral reefs may lure fish back to damaged areas

Tim Gordon, Univ. of Exeter

❝ Dead patches on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef could be revived by playing the ambient sounds of a healthy reef via loudspeakers to lure in young fish.

These fish help to clean the reef and make room in which new corals can grow, beginning the process of ecosystem recovery…

❝…researchers found that twice as many fish arrived at — and stayed near — the dead patches where the loudspeakers were operating than those where no sound was playing. ‘Fish are crucial for coral reefs to function as healthy ecosystems,’ said Marine biologist Tim Gordon.

‘Boosting fish populations in this way could help to kick-start natural recovery processes, counteracting the damage we’re seeing on many coral reefs around the world.’

Interesting, positive…RTFA for details and let’s hope it works to reverse the damage our species has done.

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