Tesla cop car is so cool, people being pulled over love it!

The Tesla Model 3 police cruiser used by the Bargersville, Indiana Police Department is a big hit among officers. But interestingly enough, drivers who are pulled over by the electric police vehicle may like it even more than the officers responsible for keeping the town’s 7,700 people safe.

“I got a guy for speeding on (Indiana State Road) 37 and all he wanted to talk about was the Tesla,” Bargersville Police Chief Todd Bertram stated. “During that same traffic stop, somebody honks and a guy is hanging out of his window with a phone taking video,” he said in an interview with the IndyStar.

The Bargersville Police force added the Tesla Model 3 to its team in August 2019. The Model 3 replaced one of four Dodge Chargers used for patrolling the streets of the Indiana town, and there are plans to eventually swap out the other three petrol-powered vehicles in favor of Teslas.

Way cool. Even cooler is the number of backwards stock market geeks who continue to place losing bets against Tesla. Over the last seven months, investors shorting TSLA lost $8.4 billion.

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