Guess who that Brit spy used to visit at Trump Tower?

The news that Christopher Steele knew Ivanka Trump personally, and had discussed working together on foreign business projects, seriously undercuts the claims of the US president and his supporters that the former MI6 officer was motivated by malice when compiling his explosive Russiagate dossier.

There have been rumours of past links between Steele and the Trump camp for months. Now extraordinary details have emerged in a report looking at what prompted investigations into the Kremlin’s interference in the US presidential election…

The president’s supporters have suggested Mr Steele was biased against Mr Trump…but according to the report, Mr Steele told investigators that when he took on the research assignment, he was not opposed to Mr Trump. If anything, he said, he was “favourably disposed” to the Trump family because of his past relationship with the Trump family member.

A person familiar with Mr Steele’s work for Fusion GPS in 2016 said that the former British intelligence officer told his American clients about his friendship with Ivanka Trump, and they agreed not to discuss it outside their small circle…

No one brought it up during the 2016 election. However, given the level of our Fake President’s whining about Steele’s dossier on links to Putin, the leak had to spring sooner or later.

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