Palestinians vow to fight Trump’s plan to expand Israeli colonialism

Arwa Ibrahim/Al Jazeera

Tens of thousands of worshippers have descended on the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound for the first Friday prayers after US President Donald Trump announced his Middle East plan to resolve the decades-old Palestinian-Israeli conflict…

Under Trump’s plan, the eighth-century site, regarded by Muslims as the third holiest site in Islam and important for all three Abrahamic faiths, would be under Israeli control

In 1947, the United Nations drew up a plan to divide Palestine between Jews and Palestinians, leading to the creation of Israel. Since then, the Al-Aqsa compound has been under UN administration.

Palestinians decry the increasing Israeli encroachment over the site, which intensified after the 1967 war, which resulted in an Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, where the Old City and the Mosque are located.

Trump’s 181-page document says Jerusalem’s holy sites “should remain open and available for peaceful worshippers and tourists of all faiths”…

The two smirking pimps who decide who is “peaceful”

8 thoughts on “Palestinians vow to fight Trump’s plan to expand Israeli colonialism

  1. List of X says:

    Temple Mount (also known as Al Aqsa compound) is not under the UN management, as the article says. It is under the management of the Islamic Waqf, and I’m pretty sure Palestinians would riot if the area would be actually given to the UN to be administered. Personally, I think the UN really should be the one administering it, considering how the place is not just the third holiest place in Islam (which the article cares to mention), but also the holiest place in Judaism (which the article mention only as “important”), and, therefore, also important to Christianity.
    As for the deal – all the Palestinians have to do is to say they reject the deal, and the deal goes into the trash where it belongs (Trump administration doesn’t do recycling).

  2. Fester says:

    “The Palestinian Authority has cut all ties with the United States and Israel, including those relating to security, after rejecting a Middle East peace plan presented by U.S. President Donald Trump, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday.”
    “Basically, Trump’s plan promises the Israelis an almost full realization of the Zionist objectives to establish a Jewish state on all of historic Palestine, while offering the Palestinians “prosperous apartheid”, ie life under occupation with more money but no dignity and basic rights.
    …[however] Trump’s plan may have a silver lining: It could help Palestinians dismantle the Oslo order and push for a paradigm shift in Palestinian political thinking towards a long-term struggle for equal rights for all within the framework of one state.”
    Balfour Declaration

  3. 3CardMonte says:

    President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner told CNN that if Palestinians can’t meet certain conditions under the administration’s Middle East plan, then he doesn’t believe Israel should take “the risk to recognize them as a state.”
    Kushner was responding to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, who challenged the President’s senior adviser and son-in-law to explain conditions that the Trump administration plan sets for Palestinians before it will allow them to form a state.
    Zakaria pointed out that “no Arab country” currently meets the criteria Palestinians are being asked to achieve in the next four years — including ensuring free press, free elections, guarantees of religious freedom and an independent judiciary and financial institutions that are as transparent as they are in the West.
    “Isn’t this just a way of telling the Palestinians you’re never actually going to get a state,” Zakaria asked, “because … if no Arab countries today in a position that you are demanding of the Palestinians before they can be made a state, effectively, it’s a killer amendment.”

  4. Update says:

    Israel has approved 2,166 new settler homes across the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, official figures sent to AFP news agency showed, ending an eight-month lull in settlement expansion.
    The approvals came less than a month after the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed agreements to normalize relations with Israel, which in return pledged to freeze its plans to annex swathes of the West Bank. (10/14/20)
    Under international law, settlements are considered illegal. Palestinian officials and much of the international community view them as the main obstacle to a viable two-state solution.
    NGO Peace Now says the settlement uptick signals Israel’s rejection of Palestinian statehood and deals a blow to hopes of a wider Israeli-Arab peace.
    It said about 2,000 more homes were expected to be approved on Thursday.
    “[Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu is moving ahead at full steam toward solidifying the de facto annexation of the West Bank,” it said in a statement ahead of Wednesday’s decisions.
    But a controversial plan Netanyahu unveiled in January gave US blessing to Israeli annexation of large chunks of the West Bank, including the settlements.

    “Amid Pandemic and Economic Crisis, Israel to Advance at Least 4,430 Settlement Units” (Peace Now 05.10.20)
    “Peace Now is the largest and longest-standing Israeli movement advocating for peace through public pressure. Under the mission of arriving at peace agreements between Israel and its neighbors, Peace Now currently works to ensure Israelis embrace the only viable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: two states, meaning the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.”

    • Bobby Sands says:

      Palestinian’s hunger strike entering ‘critical phase’: Red Cross ICRC calls on Maher al-Akhras and the Israeli authorities ‘to find a solution that will avoid any loss of life’.
      Israel’s administrative detention system allows the internment of prisoners for renewable periods of up to six months each, without bringing charges.
      About 355 Palestinians were being held under administrative detention orders as of August, including two minors, according to Israeli human rights group, B’Tselem.

    • Update says:

      Israel Continues To Tear Down Houses in Occupied West Bank (11/27/20)
      “The demolitions are an extreme expression of an Israeli strategy designed to empty entire areas of the West Bank of its Palestinian residents.
      The NGO Betselem denounced that Israel demolished a dozen houses in eight villages spread between the areas of Ramallah, southern Hebron, and the Jordan Valley, all of which are under Israeli security and administrative control.
      “As part of its efforts to seize more land in the West Bank, Israel demolished on Thursday four houses where 18 people lived, including seven minors,” the humanitarian NGO said.
      The Israeli authorities also confiscated three residential structures, collapsed five facilities under construction, and demolished a dozen facilities that served for sanitary and productive uses.
      In the agricultural area of Masafer Yatta, the Israeli authorities cut a two-kilometer-long pipeline that supplied water to four Palestinian villages. This infrastructure cost over US$100,000 and had been donated by international humanitarian organizations.”

      “B’Tselem is a Jerusalem-based non-profit organization whose stated goals are to document human rights violations in the Israeli-occupied territories, combat denial of the existence of such violations, and help to create a human rights culture in Israel.”

  5. Update says:

    “Israel approves West Bank settlement homes ahead of Trump exit
    “UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on Israel to “halt and reverse” its decision last week to build nearly 800 new homes for Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank.
    The decision is “a major obstacle to the achievement of the two-state solution, and a just, lasting and comprehensive peace” in the Middle East, Guterres said in a statement on Monday.”
    “Israeli authorities should provide Covid-19 vaccines to the more than 4.5 million Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, Human Rights Watch said today. While Israel has already vaccinated more than 20 percent of its citizens, including Jewish settlers in the West Bank, it has not committed to vaccinate Palestinians living in the same occupied territory under its military rule.”

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