Kick the Republican Klownshow to the kerb, it’s time to start over for an Equal Rights Amendment

Next week, the House of Representatives may consider House Joint Resolution 79, which appears to amend the resolution proposing the Equal Rights Amendment to remove its ratification deadline. The problem is that the previous measure, House Joint Resolution 208, no longer exists. It was adopted on March 22, 1972, and included a seven-year deadline for state ratification. When the deadline passed with fewer than the 38 ratifying states the Constitution requires, the resolution expired.

The House knows it. The website of the House Clerk has a tab for frequently asked questions. Number 11 is this: “When does a bill become ‘dead’ or no longer open to consideration?”…

There are 3 answers. 2 don’t apply. The 3rd says the bill is dead.

Which means – you guessed it – we have to rally the troops to cajole, threaten, persuade sufficient members of Congress to restart the whole process – one more time. C’mon, folks, I’m trying to live long enough to see this victory. I’d rather I needn’t be counting my age in triple digits when it happens.

Emperor Augustus Trumpustule

The Republican senators’ speedy exoneration of Trump marks perhaps the most dramatic step in their capitulation to the president over the past three years.

That process…recalls the ancient Roman senate’s compliance with the autocratic rule of the emperors and its transformation into a body largely reliant on the emperors’ whims.

Along with the senatorial fealty that was again on display, there was another development that links the era of the Roman Republic’s transformation into an autocratic state with the ongoing political developments in the United States. It’s a development that may point to where the country is headed.

Trump’s lawyers argued that the president’s personal position is inseparable from that of the nation itself. This is similar to the notion that took hold during the ascendancy of the man known as Rome’s first emperor, Augustus, who was in power from 31 B.C. to A.D. 14…

This inability to separate the personal interests of a leader from the interests of the country he or she leads has powerful echoes in ancient Rome.

Yes, we can erect a roadblock on this path to destroying our constitutional democracy. Trouble is, the Dems have done a superlative job of convincing the average American the Two Old Party-system is the best way to choose who leads our nation. We’re not supposed to worry about Tweedledee and Tweedledumber leaving us with an updated mirror image of Benito Mussolini.

Whomever the Democrats’ political herd eventually decides upon will be the sole choice reasonable Americans can support this coming November. Painful though it may be for any independent progressive-minded voter – at a minimum, we’ll have to press for a platform that takes heed of the fight for an end to endemic bigotry, social and scientific cowardice…any number of economic reforms. And…if such a platform is to be something more than a pretty poster, folks must press all the candidates opposing this fascist-minded krew of korporate klowns to grow a backbone sufficient to win.